Quartz Meditation Crystals

Crystal Meditation is about using your crystals to aid you in the creation of a specific outcome during meditation. Quartz crystals are the more favored of meditation mediums because of their piezoelectric vibrational properties.

Crystals can be programmed (see below) and make it easier to concentrate on your objective. They are also very beneficial to help you become more relaxed and focused during your meditation.

You can really use any form of crystal for meditation, but the use of quartz crystals is helpful as it gives you the added advantage of being able to program them.

Using a crystal as an aid in meditation, you should, through practice, enable or stimulate a number of different gifts or talents unknown to you at present. This will depend upon what it is you desire for the outcome and your continuing practice of meditation.

About Programming Crystals

You are entering into a relationship with a very special electronic tool. Hand-carved quartz crystals are powerful tools which when correctly utilized can serve to access and train your subconscious mind and allow progress into areas of greater health, harmony and creativity. Crystals alone have no “magical” power but do have an innate electronic quality which receive and react to your bioelectric field and the intentions you chose to hold and manifest in your life.

I am proud and excited to create quartz crystal working tools for your enjoyment and life development. Each carving is a unique work of art which can facilitate communication between the conscious and subconscious minds. We can direct and focus our thoughts and words into the crystal and the crystal in turn will amplify this “program”, effects our subliminal self, stimulates the nervous system and boosts hidden information into the conscious mind.

Just as satellite dishes, radar and other electronic signal devices are rounded, I round my crystals to provide the greatest strength of broadcast signal possible. By carving the crystal into rounded and polished shapes, the program sent through the crystal will be broadcast more efficiently with a stronger and concentrated signal.

I recommend a method of programming and cleansing crystal disclosed by my teacher and friend, Frank Dorland. The method is a synthesis of knowledge using modern electronic science and ancient wisdom brought to Frank by shamans from cultures throughout the world who journeyed to the Dorland Laboratory when he was studying the famed Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

Programming the crystal is best achieved by holding the crystal in the right hand (the sending hand) and resting the right hand in the left palm (the receiving hand) to make a good electrical contact between them. The crystal will harmonize with your bioelectric energy field. Consider the crystal to be a microphone which relays everything you say. Speak out loud to the crystal. This action of composing your intentions into a clear, concise verbal statement strengthens and clarifies its effect on the subconscious mind. I recommend initiating each program with the intention, “Crystal, we are working together for my highest good and the highest good of all”. This establishes a mind-state which raises one above ego-centered desire.

When held in contact with the hand, the crystal starts functioning on energies received from the physical body of the programmer. The crystal receives the vibrations, amplifies them and broadcasts them outward in spiral waves. These amplifications are received by the sensory receptors in the left hand and relayed via the nervous system up the arm and into the brain to a gland called the hypothalamus. This vital area is sometimes called the switchboard network of the body because all sympathetic and parasympathetic messages are routed through it. After receiving and decoding the meanings of these vibrations, the hypothalamus sends a record of them to the subconscious memory bank and then relays the vibrations through the body cells and down the arm to the right hand which is holding the crystal. The crystal gets the same message it just broadcast, amplifies it further and rebroadcasts it to start another circuit, reinforcing the program once again.

On completion of the programming, the crystal is either worn on the body or put in a pocket or a purse to be close by. Somewhat like a tape recorder, the crystal keeps repeating its impressed vibrations indefinitely. New programs can be added to the crystal as long as they are compatible.

If you wish to change a program, you may erase and cleanse the crystal by simply holding it as during the programming phase and orally ordering it to cleanse itself and erase all memories. This action is helped if the crystal is held in direct sunlight while talking to it.

My crystal tools are also powerful aids for deepening states of consciousness during meditation, and amplifying healing energies during massage. In each situation, waves of energy from the brain-mind trigger the crystal into activity which in turn stimulates the subconscious centers toward greater awareness.