Quartz Crystal Massage & Acupressure Tools

My hand-carved, one-of-a-kind massage and acupressure tools are made from the finest natural rock quartz crystal and pure hydrothermally grown quartz crystal in the world.

The colors or types of natural quartz crystal used are:

•clear quartz crystal
•smoky quartz crystal (several shades in color are available)
•rutilated quartz crystal (rutile colors are blond, black, silver and red)
•citrine (several shades in color are available)
•Madagascar Rose quartz (by special order only).

The more often-used colors of hydrothermal quartz crystal are:

•deep green
•cobalt blue
•electric blue
•sky blue
•lemon yellow
•light or dark amethyst
•aquamarine blue-green
•tri-colored (brown, green, yellow).

Their shapes and size of carving are specifically designed to be used in either the left of right hand in massage, deep tissue massage and acupressure.

Interested in a custom-designed piece? I can definitely do that too; you draw the design and I’ll carve it. Contact me today to place your order. (Deposits are necessary for all custom orders.)