Quartz Crystal Celtic Runes

Older than the New Testament and practically lain dormant for over 300 years, ancient Celtic Rune Stones are once again emerging over play an important role in the “New Age of Consciousness.”

Used in Iceland during the late middle ages, Celtic Runes date back to the Bronze Age. My hand carved Runes, are a complete set of 25 with 2 extras should one chip or break, and a secure pouch to keep them in.

I usually carve the Runes on a custom-order basis, so I request 50% down and the balance upon completion. Usual turned around on completion is 6 to 8 weeks, and prices are as follows:

•Clear Quartz Runes: $195.00
•Siberian Blue Quartz Runes: $225.00
•Smoky Quartz Runes: $275.00
•Green, Citrine, Deep Green Quartz Runes: $225.00
•Amethyst Quartz Runes: $450.00