Tom Struble: Artist, Designer & Carver

My love for carving quartz crystal comes from over 40 years experience as a lapidarian, combined with a long time interest in metaphysics.

During my high school years I learned to cut rocks from a rock cutter in Bakersfield, California. For years, I collected rocks. Whenever I moved the agates, jade, obsidian, chrysoprase, turquoise, chrysocolla, tiger eye, and opals moved with me.

In 1989, I trained and apprenticed under Frank Dorland. A world-renowned art conservator and biocrystallographer, Dorland is best known for his research of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull from 1964-1970 and for his hand carved Dorland Working Crystals. In his book Holy Ice, Bridge to the Subconscious, Dorland made reference to me as “a natural and talented crystal carver whose work was true to purpose, style and quality.”

For the past 25 years, I have carved quartz crystal into rounded shapes with flowing lines and smooth, polished surfaces, from the finest quartz crystal available from around the world. Prior to cutting and carving, I hold each crystal and study it to determine the best way to enhance its inner and outer beauty. Once the crystal is cut and ground, it goes through a sanding process to eliminate any surface imperfections. Finally the crystal is polished to a sparkling radiant shine. It has been said that my crystals look like they are pieces of frozen ice that could melt in your hand.

Whether worn as pieces of custom made jewelry or used in mediation, my quartz crystals take on their own unique personality and can be used to improve the quality of your everyday life and enhance your journey toward personal and spiritual fulfillment.

The store includes my latest quartz crystal carvings and beaded earring designs. It is with great pleasure that I bring you my unique one of a kind creations.